“When I go to do the weekly shop with my daughters Holly and Rose we play a game! If they can find 5 items from the shopping list ‘on deal’ or cheaper/equivalent brand product etc, then what they save goes into their ‘piggy bank’ as they are saving for Christmas!  

This keeps them entertained as well as saving money, not to mention improving their numeracy skills and giving them a sense of how much things cost!! Saves �208” annually”

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Sajeda has just saved �100 for her kids
Have a clearout, pull out everything potentially ebayable and put it on ebay on a free listings day. Alternative, post it on gumtree. Trust me, there will be takers. I have manage to raised over �100 by doing this whenn money was tight whilst on maternity leave. Most was clothes that not longer fit.
Doug has just saved �300 for Christmas
Dont buy any sweets or crisps into the house - if the kids want some then they can walk to the shops and buy something - amazing how often they will put up with healthy food rather than trek to the shops
Samantha has just saved �520 for the future
We give the children half their pocket money to spend and half to save. The idea is that they learn to put money away for the future and they usually save their spending money week to week to buy something more immediate.
Jo has just saved �1200 for Lauren and Emily
Meal planning - you cant beat it! At the beginning of each week, take a look in your fridge/freezer to see what you can use for the coming week. Then make a shopping list for anything else that you need. That way, you are only shopping for what you need, and are not tempted by the special offers down the aisles!! Also - never ever go shopping while you are hungry - all sorts of unnecessary luxuries end up in the trolley!
Clare has just saved �550 for her family's future
Only buy things that are needed and not wanted. I always sleep on a purchase rather than impulse buying! 9 times out of 10, I have changed my mind by the morning.
Michelle has just saved �1300 for the holidays
When doing your weekly food shop, take your budgeted cash with you to pay with instead of putting it on your card and that way you wont be tempted to add any extras that soon add up.
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