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Chessington World of Adventures Day Out Review

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With exciting rides & rollercoasters, a Zoo, SEA LIFE Centre and Safari Themed Hotel

Chessington really is Britain’s Wildest Adventure!

Ticket prices:

  • £34 for Adults over 11 years
  • £23 for Children 11 years
  • Under (free for children under 1m tall)

Tickets: Chessington World of Adventures

My favourite ride was the Vampire – a suspended rollercoaster that hurls you down the track. We enjoyed it so much we went on it twice. My second favourite ride was the Chinese-style log flume, Dragon Falls. It had two drops – one that flings you into the mouth of a long dragon and another serious one. We balanced our car so the heavy ones were in the front to make a huge splash. Another one of my favourite rides was the Dragon’s Fury – a spinning disk rollercoaster. We made our car unbalanced so we spun really fast.

William and Felix went to Chessington World of Adventures for a birthday party on 29 May 2010

“I went with my three friends to Chessington World of Adventures, to celebrate my 10th Birthday. It was raining but that didn’t bother us as all the queues were very small and we could go on the wet rides without getting wet – because we were already soaked!

We watched the Ramses Revenge and I would never want to do anything like that. It was a ride with  two poles and seats in between. The seats turned up and then locked into position and they came back down again and it was upside-down. It unlocked and the seats swung back down. The whole time everyone was getting wet.

The birthday party was the best in my life and even Mummy, who was dreading taking four ten-year-olds to Chessington, slightly enjoyed it!”

William Robson, 10

“We arrived at the park early in the morning to beat the queues and immediately went to the Dragon’s Fury. The ride was really fun and I liked the way the car span: it was very scary and exhilarating. Then, we walked over to Transylvania and went on Bubble works. I thought that the rubber ducks were really cute. This is a great ride for all ages. Afterwards we went on Vampire which I loved, but there were no head rests so it was quite uncomfortable. Then we went to the brand new land of Wild Asia. I really liked it, especially the Temple of Mayhem with its foam ball cannons. We had a really fun big fight with them.

We ate a delicious lunch at an all you can eat Pizza buffet. Then, it was off to the Forbidden Kingdom where we rode on the creepy Tomb Blaster. We had great fun destroying the curse. After that, we went to Dragon Falls which we rode many times, we were soaked! Then after a final stop at the sweet shop and amazing Hocus Pocus hall, it was time to go. I had a super day at Chessington World of Adventures.”

Felix Dennison, 10

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