Getting it into perspective

This morning I should have been getting a cab to the airport, on my way to Florida with five other mum bloggers. For obvious reasons, like the eruption of a volcano in Iceland, we’re not going anywhere for at least six weeks. And being really honest and more than a little self-centred, I was incredibly fed up when I realised we’d have to wait a bit longer for our trip. It wasn’t just that I’d been shopping, been waxed and been gearing myself up for it for a fortnight. In the words of the Oceanic Six, I just wanted to get off the island. But then I saw the footage of the troops being brought home by naval carrier after their tour of duty. Heard about the thousands of families desperate to get back, loved ones who had been separated, and the schoolchildren who had to miss the start of term and even exams. And learned that urgent medical supplies couldn’t get to their destination. And that puts it all into perspective, doesn’t it? This has been an awful situation, an economic nightmare for many, but it’s not 9/11. For all of us, I think, the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull is a reminder that there are some things we simply cannot control, and nature is one of them. We’ve also learned new words like ‘volcanic plume’ and ‘ash cloud’. Who knows, Geography may enjoy an unexpected revival in popularity at school. So I’ve put away my holiday wardrobe for another few weeks. I know we won’t have long to wait. I can wait. written by Liz Jarvis