Last Minute Halloween Costumes Ideas

How are you fixed for Halloween costumes? If you’re a last minute kind of mum like me it’s worth bearing in mind that Marks & SpencerMatalan, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda still have some great costumes ideas left.  Having said that locally to where I am, ready made outfits are few and far between. And while I am sorted for the 6 year old I completely forgot about the two year old, which is bad news for me, as this week if rife with Halloween events. All of which means I will be putting on my dusty craft hat and making him one myself (something around 20% of parents do apparently). Scouring the mum and craft blogs for ideas I have come back with the obvious realisation that kids books and TV shows are great fodder for costumes. So far it’s a throw up (or a combo if 2 year old gets his way) between The Hungry Caterpillar, Darth Vader and the Deadly 60 man! As for how-to-make-a-halloween-costume the amazing craft blog Red Ted Art’s has some great ideas on how to make a pirate and witch costumes, as well as a very easy and effective witch’s hat.  The best no-sew ideas also seem to revolve around cardboard boxes, which apparently can be turned into robots, lego pieces, and trucks with a bit of imagination and paint. Whatever you choose to make/buy my tips for a good halloween costume is to pick something that: 1. Your kid can take off quickly and easily if he/she needs a nappy change/wee. 2. Is warm enough for trick of treating. 3. Doesn’t have long bits they can trip over 4. Is distinctive enough that you can still spot them in a crowd of Halloween trick or treaters! So what are your kids dressing up as? Let me know.