Kangaroos, nature and nurture

A few years ago on a trip to Australia we met some kangaroos.  

*Adopts Rolf Harris voice* I met this little fella (right) on my recent trip to Florida. He was fast asleep in his 'pouch' – basically a shoulder bag – but we were still able to stroke him.

Last week I saw a report on the news about how Kangaroo meat is becoming more popular Down Under. I know some will argue that they need culling, there are too many of them, we eat beef so why not kangaroo? But it's not something I could ever feel comfortable with. And you know what? They. Were. There. First. They also release practically no methane, which is kind of important, when you think about it.

*This is my entry to the Gallery – the theme this week is Nature.

written by Liz Jarvis