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KidStart Savings currently unavailable

Unfortunately Giffgaff Money no longer offer KidStart Savings – please click here for others in the Loans & Credit Cards category.

At giffgaff we think sharing is a wonderful thing. So as well as shaking up the world of mobile, we got thinking about how else we could share the love. The result, giffgaff money.

That’s why, our first product loans was set up in partnership with our friends at Ratesetter, the UK’s leading peer to peer lender. All our loans are flexible, simple and honest.

You can borrow between £750 to £7,500 and choose to how long you want to repay it over, anywhere between 1 and 5 years, the choice is yours. Want to pay your loan off early? No problem, we don’t charge for early repayment and there is no penalty.

It’s quick to apply, 100% online and we’ll give you an immediate decision in most cases.

And, because we’re giffgaff, there are no traps in the small print and no excessive default changes. We'll tell you exactly what you're getting.

Please note

  • All purchases must be completed wholly online after clicking on the link above.
  • KidStart Savings may not be paid on VAT or delivery.
  • KidStart Savings may not be paid if you use a discount code at the checkout other than those provided by KidStart.
  • Some purchases may not be eligible for KidStart Savings such as gift cards and vouchers.