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  • £10 back on van insurance switch

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Please note

  • All purchases must be completed wholly online after clicking on the link above.
  • KidStart Savings are NOT paid on VAT or Delivery charges
  • KidStart Savings will NOT be paid if you use a discount code at the checkout other than those provided by KidStart.
  • KidStart Savings will not be visible as Pending in your Transaction History for at least six months due to a transaction validation period by the merchant.
  • KidStart Savings will only be open to customers who have, during the promotion period, purchased car, bike, home or van insurance on GoCompare’s website via clicking a link on the KidStart website.
  • The promotion period commences on 5 March 2018 and will continue for as long as the promotion is advertised on KidStart’s website (the “Promotion Period”).
  • A purchase will be a “Qualifying Purchase” where during the Promotion Period the customer accesses GoCompare’s website via our website, generates a new quote and makes a purchase on the GoCompare website immediately in the same session.
  • Any Qualifying Purchase made will be subject to the KidStart Terms and Conditions.
  • Customers will only be eligible for Savings where GoCompare is able to verify the Qualifying Purchase.
  • Savings will not be paid by GoCompare in conjunction with any other offer.
  • This promotion may be withdrawn at any time.
  • Savings will be deposited in your KidStart account within 180 days of your policy start date provided that all required payments in respect of your policy have been made.
  • If your policy is cancelled, then you will not be eligible to receive Savings and you will be required to return any Savings paid. These terms may be changed without notice from time to time.