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  • £16 back for your kids on dual energy switch

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  • £8.50 back on single energy switch

  • £5 back on life insurance switch

  • £1.30 back on car or home insurance switch

  • £1 back on credit card switch

  • £0.60 back on travel and pet insurance switch


Compare gas and electricity prices and switch, and see how much you can save on insurance

Gocompare.com was the first comparison site to focus on showing product features as well as prices.

Whether you're looking for home insurance, a new credit card, to arrange a holiday, compare car insurance or just to learn more about your finances, Gocompare.com are here to help.

Please note

  • All purchases must be completed wholly online after clicking on the link above.
  • KidStart Savings are NOT paid on VAT or Delivery charges
  • KidStart Savings will NOT be paid if you use a discount code at the checkout other than those provided by KidStart.
  • KidStart Savings will not be visible as Pending in your Transaction History for at least six months due to a transaction validation period by the merchant.