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3% back from LED HUT LTD

LED spotlights, bulbs, floodlights, strip lights, garden lighting and more!

Did you know that just by making the easy switch to LEDs, you will save up to 90% on your lighting bill? This works out on average a £350 saving per year – just think what you could spend this saving on! It also means that the cost of buying new LEDs will be recovered in the first few months of using them – it really is a no-brainer, especially for homeowners with small children who like to leave lots of lights on!

  • We offer free delivery on all orders over £60. All our bulbs have a 2 year warranty – extend this for free to 5 years, just by registering your product with us. We offer a 30 day no-hassle returns policy.
  • LED bulbs last on average 5 times longer than traditional bulbs. What are you waiting for – make the switch today!

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