This week's best ideas:
Save £3000 - Don't pay someone else - get the skills yourself
Stop paying people to do jobs and go to some evening classes and learn the basics yourself. You also get a better understanding of things like driving better and home maintenance so you save money by treating cars and homes with more respect and save money.
Save £200 - Shop smarter!
Check what offers are on at your supermarket my looking at before you go shopping. Base your menu and your shopping list around it
Save £30 - Switch off your appliances
Start switching your appliances off and you can save about £30 a year.
Save £500 - Enter competitions
Look out for competitions on websites, internet entry doesn't cost anything and whatever you win can be put away for Christmas and birthday presents
Save £300 - Make them walk for it
Dont buy any sweets or crisps into the house - if the kids want some then they can walk to the shops and buy something - amazing how often they will put up with healthy food rather than trek to the shops1
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Winner of £1000 announced!
Congratulations to C O’Donovan from Bradford for submitting the winning money saving idea:

When I go to do the weekly shop with my daughters Holly and Rose we play a game! If they can find 5 items from the shopping list ‘on deal’ or cheaper/equivalent brand product etc, then what they save goes into their ‘piggy bank’ as they are saving for Christmas!

This keeps them entertained as well as saving money, not to mention improving their numeracy skills and giving them a sense of how much things cost!! Saves £208 annually"
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Eileen Hayes
I am really excited by this original and innovative idea. We hear so much about 'Broken Britain' and the mess our society is in, but parents will prove that they care deeply about the future of their kids, and we will see just how the community of parents can come together with organisations to work for the common goal of saving for the future of our children.
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