• ebay

    Everything you always wanted to know about Revision Guides and Exam Boards (but...

    Sep 24 • 83 Views • No Comments

    I have always told my kids that the secret to revision is to start as early as possible. It is no use trying to tackle nine or ten subjects a couple of months before the exams are due to start. Revision should go hand in hand with the course topics as they...

  • ski

    Top tips to prepare children for the slopes from Inghams

    Sep 22 • 38 Views • No Comments

    We’ve asked the ski experts at Inghams to give us a few tips on how to prepare our children when going on holiday to the slopes! Have a look at the tips below and let us know yours!   Getting Dressed For Skiing: Clothing: - Always best to layer...

  • monsoonblog

    Autumn has Arrived

    Sep 4 • 97 Views • No Comments

    …and it’s looking more spectacular than ever! Edge into autumn in style with Monsoon’s exciting new season collection, inspired by fall’s rich, earthy aesthetic. We love their latest wardrobe wonders; contemporary figure-flattering day dresses, finely...

  • b2s

    Transition Times

    Sep 2 • 103 Views • No Comments

    “Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending” – Carl Bard Hello to all the parents who are frantically preparing for the new school year. Whether our children are moving up a year or...

  • kid

    Must Have Educational Tools for Children Guide on eBay by KidStart

    Sep 2 • 93 Views • No Comments

    Check out our Must have educational tools for children guide on eBay! We were delighted to be asked by eBay to write a blog on must have educational tools for children. With thousands of kids starting or going back to school this week we’ve come up with our...

  • eatingout

    Eating Out with Young Children

    Aug 18 • 236 Views • No Comments

    We’ve all been there… sitting in a quiet restaurant, looking forward to a nice peaceful meal when suddenly our formerly lovely kids decide to have a massive hissy fit/eat all the packets of sugar on the table/need the toilet every five minutes/flick...

  • magic3

    10 Beginner’s Magic Tips for Kids

    Aug 11 • 169 Views • No Comments

    Most kids (and a fair few adults) I know are obsessed by magic. Cards, coins, ropes and hoops, boxes and rabbits in hats, they just cant get enough. If, like me, you have a junior Derren Brown in your house, here are some great ways to get them started on the...

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Surrogacy: Selfish or Selfless?

Aug 6 • 189 Views • No Comments

Surrogacy has always fascinated me, to think someone can physically endure 9 months of carrying a child and then LABOUR! Not forgetting the giving the child away part...


11 Tips on How to Get Your Kids into Sport

Does your child struggle to get into sport? Here are some top tips on how to get your children motivated. 1. Playing sports can build...

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How do I teach my toddler not to bite?

When Uruguayan football star Luis Suarez was seen biting Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini during a FIFA World Cup match earlier in the...

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Travelodge: the UK’s Favourite Hotel

May 14 • 488 Views • No Comments

Travelodge was the first budget hotel brand to launch in the UK in 1985, when it opened on the A38, in Barton under Needlewood. Since those early days, the company...


Money Saving Cleaning Tips

Apparently, we spend around £1 billion per year on household cleaning products.  So what did we do in the days before...

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Budget Family Holiday Tips

Summer is just months away and many families are  deciding whether or not they can afford to take a  family holiday...

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