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    Earth day 2014: Let’s teach our kids to go green

    Apr 23 • 36 Views • No Comments

    It’s very important to teach children to respect nature and the environment, because we hope that they will be the ones able to change the many things that unfortunately do not work today. Children imitate our behavior and follow the example of parents and...

  • apples

    10 Facts About Apples (You Might Not Know)

    Apr 17 • 95 Views • No Comments

    If you struggle to get your kids to eat fruit and vegetables, how about trying to get them to at least fall in love with apples? Apples have lots of health benefits and taste sweet and yummy. Here are 10 things you and the kids might not know about apples  -...

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    Easter film ideas for kids.

    Apr 17 • 128 Views • No Comments

    If you choose to take your kids to the cinema this Easter break, these are the newest movies for you and the little ones to enjoy!   Muppets Most Wanted  Disney’s “Muppets Most Wanted” takes the entire Muppets gang on a global tour,...

  • pregnancy

    Babies R Us Mother & Baby Club

    Apr 15 • 120 Views • No Comments

    Babies R Us provide for all parents’ and baby’s needs including furniture, car seats, bedding, strollers, safety products, nappies and baby food. Their friendly and caring advisors are highly trained in all aspects of baby care to ensure that they...

  • passport

    Are modern families being discriminated against?

    Apr 15 • 152 Views • No Comments

    Getting the family ready to go on holiday can be stressful. Making sure everyone is out the house to the airport at 4am, remembering to lock the back door, ensuring you’ve packed the requisite gallons of Factor 50, and, of course, making sure you have...

  • tv

    Free Educational Websites for Kids

    Apr 14 • 221 Views • No Comments

    The Easter holidays are here and parents may be anticipating a few battles with the kids over ‘screen time’ in the days ahead.  If you’re dreading screen time rows, free educational websites for children are a good compromise; kids enjoy playing the...

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    Pleasing the picky eaters.

    Apr 8 • 273 Views • No Comments

    We all know how complicated and frustrating it could be to feed our children. Some can be very picky, others don’t seem too interested in food all together and going through a whole meal could be a real struggle for many mums. Elizabeth Pantley’s book...

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The Health Benefits of Eggs

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10 Facts About Apples (You Might Not Know)

If you struggle to get your kids to eat fruit and vegetables, how about trying to get them to at least fall in love with apples? Apples...

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This week’s book review: The Cookbooks for the whole family and all eating habits

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8 Golden Rules For Safe Online Shopping

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Savings Tips for Families

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