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Can you improve your baby’s intelligence with breastfeeding?

Mar 19 • 212 Views • No Comments on Can you improve your baby’s intelligence with breastfeeding?

A study of nearly 3,500 babies has concluded that breastfeeding your baby can lead to higher intelligence in later life. The research, published in the Lancet Global...

pregnant woman smoking

Should pregnant women be paid to quit smoking?

A new research has found that pregnant women who smoke are more likely to quit if they are paid. The study offered vouchers to pregnant...

Jan 28 • 237 Views


10 Reasons to begin the year with a healthy meal plan, and how Waitrose can help you

How do you organize yourself in the kitchen? If you find your family eating the same stuff over and over again, maybe all you need is a bit...

Jan 9 • 339 Views

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Junior ISAs explained

Apr 14 • 134 Views • No Comments on Junior ISAs explained

Not sure how Junior ISAs work, or whether they’re right for you? Don’t worry – here we cover exactly what you need to know. What are Junior ISAs? Junior ISAs are...


Junior ISAs, Child Trust Funds, savings accounts: children’s savings explained

We all want to save money for our kids’ future – but where should you put your cash? Here we examine the different...

Feb 13 • 280 Views


5 simple tips if you’re thinking of getting your finances under control

Did you get paid early in December? Many of us find ourselves with an early Christmas present when the final salary of...

Jan 20 • 253 Views