10 ideas for helping with your family finances

We all know we need to make every penny go much further these days but spending time on your family’s finances can seem like a daunting task. I thought it might be useful to come up with 10 handy ideas which can help with your family finances, so here they are:  
STEP 1. Check your credit file to make sure there are no hidden problems.  It’s estimated that nearly 2 million people in the UK are affected each year by identity fraud costing on average £1,000 and 200 hours to resolve. Use a free credit checking service such as checkmyfile.com or Experian’s Credit Expert »
STEP 2. Check recent bank statements to make sure there’s no old direct debits still kicking around. You’d be surprised but often people forget the old direct debits they set up and no longer require. Also a good way to check for any rogue transactions or cancelled items you haven’t been refunded for.  Trouble keeping your old statements organised? View home office & stationary suppliers »
STEP 3. Make sure you’re getting the best deal on your car insurance. Sounds a bit obvious but millions of us still don’t take the time to shop around and get the best deal before renewing. Check out all the KidStart retailers offering up to £32 back on car insurance policies or search for the best deal using KidStart Compare »
STEP 4. Make sure you’re earning a decent interest rate on any savings you have. It’s shocking but most banks get away with paying next to no interest on your current account or savings. Check Halifax’s Reward » current account which offers fee-free overdrafts up to £300 and a £5 monthly reward when you pay in ��1,000 each month.
STEP 5. Open a tax-free savings plan or Junior ISA account for your child.  Since the government recently phased out the Child Trust Fund scheme for new borns, the new Junior ISA was brought in to replace it. Families can save up to £3,600 per year for their child with the aim to provide a tax-free lump sum when the child turns 18.  Check out Family Investments Junior ISA » account which you can open online and invest from as little as £10 a month or the Scottish Friendly Child Bond » which enables you to save from £25 per month. Apply now and receive a £10 book token as a welcome gift.
STEP 6. Don’t forget when shopping online login to your KidStart account and collect money back on every purchase! Sounds obvious really – but some of you still forget – you know who you are! Login to KidStart »
STEP 7. Make sure you’re getting the best deal from your Gas & Electricity providers. It’s estimated that up to 5.5 million households in the UK are living in fuel poverty and complex tariffs and bills don’t make it easier for families. The regulator, Ofgem, has proposed new rules which would make comparison & switching easier and the recent announcements by EDF, British Gas and SSE on dropping their prices is welcome relief. If you’re thinking of switching to Eon, EDF, nPower, or SSE make sure you go via KidStart to earn up to £40 back »
STEP 8. Bundle offers for T.V. packages, phone & home broadband services can offer great value. Sky are currently offering up to £40 KidStart Savings and £25 M&S vouchers with deal including free boxes and set-up. Or if you prefer to keep things separate shop around for the best mobile & home phone and broadband deals from KidStart’s communications partner including O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Orange, Talk Talk and many more »
STEP 9. Shop around for the best Home Insurance deal. Again don’t just assume you’ll get the best deal when you policy comes up for renewal. Shop around and when you’ve found the best deal make sure you click via KidStart before purchasing your policy online to collect up to £30 back. View KidStart Home Insurance partners including Aviva, The AA, eSure and John Lewis Insurance »
STEP 10. Plan ahead with a Life Insurance Policy. Nobody likes to think about it but planning for your family if you or your partner dies or becomes critically ill is one responsibility parents can’t afford to shirk. View KidStart Life Insurance partners where a policy can bring you peace of mind and up to £50 back »
STEP 10(a) Make a cuppa tea and relax now your family finances are all in order... and as ever use KidStart to collect money back on every purchase including all your household utility providers, bank and insurance and mobile phone deals and lots more. Login to KidStart now »