KidStart Shopping Ideas helps families turn everyday shopping into savings for children:
Earn a £5 bonus
every time you refer a new shopper to KidStart

Your personal referral link:{{USERID}}

We track anyone who joins after clicking the link and for every verified member joining.

Plus we will credit your KidStart account with £5 once they have saved £5 in KidStart Savings from their shopping*

Important: your friends must use the link to join as we cannot track referrals without it.

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How you can use the link


Email it to friends
Send the link to your family and friends and encourage them to use KidStart.

Tip: Copy the link in your email footer.


Share with your friends on social media
Click Facebook & Twitter below to preview posts which have your referral link embedded in them.

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Tip: Follow-us on Facebook & Twitter and share our popular offers.


Add it to your website or blog
Contact us and we can send you KidStart widgets and banners with your unique referral code.


Print off our flyer with your referral link
Great to hand out to friends or mums at the school gate.

Print PDF

Tip: Remind anyone you refer to shop via KidStart to earn your bonus.

Frequently asked questions

How does the KidStart referral programme work?

The KidStart referral programme is a great way of boosting your children's savings by recommending KidStart to your friends and family. KidStart gives every member a unique referral link and pays a referral bonus into their KidStart account when someone joining from the link saves £5 in KidStart Savings.

Where do I find my referral link?

Your referral link is:{{USERID}}

How can I use the KidStart referral link?

You can use the link as you wish. For example: you could send it in an email or put it on a blog. We can also provide KidStart widgets with the link embedded or a printable PDF for you to hand out.

When will I see the referral bonus in my KidStart account?

We will add the referral bonus whenever someone joining from your link reaches £5 in KidStart savings. We add the bonuses on a weekly basis so it may take up to seven days before you see it.

What will people see when they click my referral link?

If you log out and click the link yourself, you will see what they will see.

Is there a limit on how much I can earn?

No - the more people you recommend, the more you earn!

Can the landing page be changed?

We can create a specific landing page in some cases (for example: if you look after a school). Please contact us.

*Specific T&Cs for referral bonus

The bonus is added in KidStart Savings for each genuine member who joins after clicking your unique referral link and then collects at least £5 in KidStart Savings from their shopping (excluding referral bonuses that they earn).

We reserve the right to cancel any referral bonuses awarded and block referral links if we believe that the referred members are not genuine individuals.

You should not use the referral links in association with any logos, graphics or other material from KidStart or any retailer listed on KidStart without written permission from KidStart.