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How KidStart
helps you feel great
whenever you shop

KidStart is the loyalty programme for parents designed by parents

Build your children’s savings for free whenever you shop

Invite family to join and their shopping will also benefit your children

Grow your KidStart Savings with the KidSave account

Shop at 1000s of well-known retailers, not just kids' ones

Use our free desktop app and mobile app to ensure you don’t miss out

Or save into any bank, building society or child savings account you have set up

How to save for your kids with KidStart

Click the 'Shop Now' button and you will be taken automatically to the retailer’s website, add items to your basket and purchase as you would normally.

We will be notified when you make a purchase, but it is important you do not go the retailer's site directly as the tracking may not work unless you come from KidStart or click the Savings Prompt.

Typically you will see the savings due on your purchase in your KidStart account within 24 hours (although it can on occasion take longer). We will also email you to let you know.

Add your children to your KidStart profile and link their savings account. KidStart Savings can be paid out once the retailer pays us. We transfer the savings over to you monthly once you've saved £10.

There really has never been a simpler way to save for your children!

Grow your KidStart Savings with KidSave

The KidSave Account is the simple and flexible way for you and us to invest in your child’s future.

We want to help you do more to save for your kid's future. KidStart, you, and your family can put money into their KidSave Account. It's low cost, flexible and designed to grow your child's savings, learn more.

If you already have an account for your child we can help you switch, or alternatively you can still use KidStart with any account.

Invite family and friends to save too!

You can invite family and friends to join and link their KidStart account to your child’s. Their shopping then contributes to your child's savings too!

Plus if you are using the KidSave account, friends and family can directly top up your child's account with our easy online process - the perfect birthday gift.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does KidStart cost?

KidStart is completely free to join and use. We are paid by the retailers not by members.

What if I don't have any kids?

You can register as a member and earn KidStart Savings even if you do not have any children. If you are expecting, you can either accumulate your savings in your KidStart account until the child is born; or register yourself as the child until you have the child's details. KidStart Savings can also be donated to a school of your choice or to one of a number of children's charities.

How do I earn KidStart Savings?

KidStart savings are earned on eligible purchases made at retailers listed on KidStart's shopping section. Each retailer has their own information page and this contains information on what savings are available, which transactions are eligible and how transactions are tracked by KidStart.

What is the KidStart Savings Prompt?

The KidStart Saving Prompt is a free web app available to KidStart members. When downloaded to the member’s computer, it works on most major internet browsers to prompt members that KidStart savings are available.

How do I invite someone else to save for my children?

To invite someone else to save for your children go to the Invite Family and Friends page found under My KidStart on the site. Here you can send an email under your name to anyone you choose along with a personal message. When the recipient clicks on the link within the email and accepts your invite, they are able to save for your children with KidStart.

How do I link my KidStart Savings to my child's account

KidStart can link to any Child Trust Fund account, most JISAs and any savings account that accepts electronic cash payments. These include bank accounts and most Building Society accounts. If you have a savings plan for your child which does not accept electronic payments (eg.. a long term savings bond) then we would suggest you link your own bank account and transfer the money with your existing payments.

How do I contact KidStart?

See Contact us for information on how to contact us.