How to earn FREE child savings when you shop | About KidStart
About The Company

At KidStart, we believe there is no greater feeling than doing something good for your kids.

Parents get this great feeling when they shop via KidStart and their savings are invested for their kids' future.

Once registered, a percentage of what you spend online at thousands of well-known retailers will be collected and put by us into your child's account for free - learn more about shopping with KidStart.

With the KidSave account you can turn these KidStart savings into an investment for your child’s future - learn more about KidSave.

Saving for your children is easy with KidStart

Shop online through our site to collect savings on every purchase at thousands of famous retailers

Find the latest sales, offers and voucher codes at your favourite retailers

Use the Savings Prompt on your pc to be reminded when a retailer offers KidStart Savings

Add a KidSave account to turn your KidStart Savings into an investment for your child’s future

Invite family and friends to help you save through KidStart and the KidSave account

What you want to know about us

What's in it for KidStart?

KidStart is paid by retailers for promoting their offers to our members through advertising or commissions. This allows us to cover the costs of operating the service. There are no charges for members using the KidStart shopping service - your children receive all the KidStart Savings you have earned.

On your side

As parents ourselves we understand that saving for your children’s future is one of the most important things a parent can do, but also understand how busy life can be. We are constantly looking for ways to help parents do more for their kids in a simple and easy way. That is why we have introduced the KidSave account to help your KidStart savings go further. You and your family can top up the account for your child to build a tax free sum which will be vital when they reach adulthood. Learn more. Capital at risk.

Is it safe?

Security of your personal data, KidStart Savings and/or KidSave account are extremely important to us. Our Privacy and Security Policy is visible here, but in summary we operate a rigorous multi-tier security approach to safeguard your personal data and will never share it without your permission.

Who owns KidStart?

KidStart is primarily owned by employees of KidStart most of whom are parents of young children themselves (none are yet grandparents!). KidStart is also backed by leading venture capital firm, Delta Partners.