What Do KidStart Members Think?
Member Reviews

See what some of our members think of KidStart

"Everyone in the land should sign up! Kidstart is so simple, provides savings for your children and gives you access to the latest offers."

Judith has saved £250 for Arthur and Nell.

"I started using KidStart 2 weeks ago and have already saved £20. I'm getting the best deals but also feel great doing something good for my kids."

New member Debbie is saving for James and Charlotte

"Kidstart is such a great and effortless way to save money for my children's future and the savings add up quickly. I'd highly recommend it."

Sue has saved £520 for Thomas and Joseph.

"KidStart is linked to my kid's trust funds/isas meaning all the savings are tax free. Using KidStart is a no brainer for me!"

Ian has saved £550
for Bella and Georgia

"I do pretty much all my shopping online, if there's some free savings for my children when I do that, then I'm in"

Michelle and David have saved £625 for Grace and Harry

"I heard about KidStart when pregnant and registered straight away. My parents are also members so they save for Maddie as well."

Nikki and Paul have saved over £700 for their daughter Maddie

"Everyone should use it - it's just brilliant for adding savings to your children's accounts for shopping you'd be doing anyway."

Victoria has saved over £460 for Max and his little sister

"A friend told me to join KidStart before buying the many, many things you need for a baby. I've saved over £50.00 before our little girl has been born!"

Dad-to-be Gavin has already saved £50 for 'bump'

"Plan your Christmas shopping and any large purchases for your house like furniture or new phone contracts using Kidstart retailers."

Emma has saved almost £400 for her two boys