10 Lies All Parents Tell

OK, we’ve all done it… told those little white lies to our kids just for the sake of peace or making them feel ok or (let’s face it) getting them do what we need them to do when we’ve asked them to do it!  Which of these do you recognise?

1. “I’m really looking forward to your three hour class assembly in which you play a small part as a stick of broccoli this afternoon.” (You would rather watch paint dry). 2. “Of course Santa/the Tooth Fairy/the Easter Bunny is real!” (You’re not ready to let go of the bribery options these fantasy figures offer). 3. “Oh dear, my phone/ipad/etc has run out of battery.” (It hasn’t, but your kids have been playing on it so long, you worry that they might be radioactive). 4. “The Internet is broken.” (It hasn’t, but one more game of Moshi Monsters might destroy your brain).   4599725738_99f7787416_z   5. “We’re nearly there.” (You have 200 miles to go and no toilet in sight). 6. “Look, you’ll understand when you’re older.” (You still don’t have a clue). 7. “That picture is brilliant darling!”  (You stare at interesting scribble that looks a bit like a psychological inkblot test). 8. “I don’t know where your pink glittery plastic shoes from granny and grandpa are.” (They’re in the Oxfam bag). 9. “I don’t know where your kazoo/violin is.” (Down the back of the sofa getting dusty). 10. “Yes, I know the goldfish might look different, but it’s the same.” (Damn, kids are smart).

What tiny untruths have you told your little darlings?