10 New Year Resolutions About Parenting I Will Make and Not Keep…

1. I am never, ever going to raise my voice or be short-tempered and grumpy with my kids again.  (There’s a really weird laughing noise coming out of my husband right now).

2. I will not let my children watch trashy TV presented by orange men and ladies whose faces don’t move however much I really need to lie down on the sofa in my onesie and have a little nap.

3. I will not give in and let them have chocolate for breakfast or give them fishfinger sandwiches at 10pm due to forgetting about making dinner/the concept of time.

4. I will not do their homework for them just because I don’t have the patience to do those number lines.

5. I will carefully file all their artworks in chronological order and put them in their ‘special box’.

6. I will not send my kids to school in uniform that’s been turned inside out to get ‘just one more day’ out of it.

7. I will not deride One Direction or any other of my daughter’s true loves.

8. I will not call my children’s dad, “Daddy Pig” in front of them anymore. I will call him by his name… the one he had before we started dropping sprogs.

9. I will get rid of those nits once and for all.

10. I might have to come clean about Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy at some point, but not yet eh?

 What are your New Year Resolutions?