10 Things I Really Want for Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday March 30th, and while women across the country will be inundated with bunches of flowers and handmade cards from their children, all I want is time to read… oh and a few other things besides. What about you?

10 things I really want for Mother’s Day are:

1. To be given hours and hours to read in peace. 2. Not to have to think about PE kits/homework/uniforms/instrument practice for a whole day. 3. For 18 years worth of worry to be miraculously erased. 4. A whole day of not dealing with chin hairs. (Neither my husband’s nor mine). 5. Someone to rub my feet, just, you know, whenever. 6. Ryan Gosling to write a poem about the wonder of my life-giving uterus and deliver it personally. 7. To have a bath without the whole family trying to join me, including the cat. 8. A drawing of me by my kids where I don’t have ‘a cross mouth’. 9. To be allowed the WHOLE of the sofa and the TV remote for a day. 10. Someone else to deal with the family pets (that includes any nits).

What would you like for mother’s day?