10 Things Mums Wish They Had Known Before Their Baby Was Born That Would Have Saved Them Money

Having your first baby is many things; joyous, scary, exciting and daunting. It can also be very expensive if you buy every single ‘essential item’ you are lead to believe you will need.

We asked some of our mums what they wish they had known before they had their first baby that would have saved them a ton of cash. Do you agree?

1. “It is very likely that you will be given loads of baby items by friends and family. Whether these are hand-me-downs or new things, the essentials are often given to you.  It’s a nice way for excited relations to feel involved in your new arrival anyway.”

2. “Remember that the only items you really should buy new are car seats and mattresses. Shop around for these as most baby retailers are highly competitive on their pricing for these items.”

3. “Don’t buy your nursing bras until the last minute. Buying them before 37 weeks is a waste of time as everything changes when the milk comes in.”

4. “Lots of new baby clothes are a waste of money as they get really dirty and they grow out of everything so quickly. Those packs of plain white baby grows were the most essential thing for the first couple of months. That and packs of muslin cloths for dribbles and spills.”


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5. “Prams are expensive but it was the item that the grandparents most wanted to pay for. We set up a fund, almost like a wedding list, and they contributed to it which really helped us out.”

6. “I wish we had bought an adaptable car seat (both rear and front facing) that lasted from birth to toddler. We bought a specific newborn seat and ended up having to buy another seat after a few months.”

7. “We didn’t realise how expensive it would be to travel with a baby as you need to book them a bassinet or travel with them on your knee. Plus you have the cost of car seats at the other end. I wish we’d had our major travel adventures before we had children.”

8. “Babysitting costs a fortune, cultivate your network of willing child-minders while you are still pregnant!”

9. “I wish I’d put some money aside to spend on me and my new body, not just on the baby.”

10. “I spent a fortune on a cot and matching nursery furniture for my newborn only to find that she wouldn’t sleep without me for the first year and of course, she couldn’t care less whether her wardrobe matched her changing table!  I really wish I’d saved that money.”

What about you? What item did you use the most when your baby was born?

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