10 Unusual Ideas for a Spooky Halloween Dinner

My youngest daughter has announced that she would like to dress up as a carrot for Halloween this year so I am frantically looking around for a pair of orange tights and matching leotard.

We love Halloween in our family and make a big deal out of eating a spooky dinner on the 31st October. Here are some of things we’ll being doing to create a creepy night to remember… 1. I absolutely love this spooky Halloween house from John Lewis. One tea-light inside it will lend a creepy glow to our Halloween table.

John Lewis

2. My youngest will hopefully get creative and scare us all with this Halloween shadow theatre from Marks and Spencer.
Marks & Spencers

Marks & Spencers

3. These instant digital print outs from Vectoria Designs are fantastic for creating beautifully designed potion labels and eerie party bags.

Vectoria Designs

4. These Halloween candle bags will light up the path to our front door with witches, spiders, pumpkins and more to spook the local trick or treaters.

Candle Bags UK

5. This black battery operated candelabra will add a suitably Gothic feel to the evening. Very Adams family!

Lights for Fun

6. Fake spider webs are a fantastic way to transform a room into an old creepy space. Buy several of them and stretch them everywhere over everything including doorways so kids have to walk through them. Ones like these come with plastic spiders for added yuck factor.

John Lewis

7. Our spooky, yucky Halloween menu will include ‘bowls of sick’ (taramasalata and humus) dipped with ‘witches fingers’ (strips of pitta bread and bread sticks), ‘eyeballs’ (olives), ‘green brains’ (broccoli), ‘maggots’ (risotto) and more! Why not get your kids imaginations going and get them to think of the most disgusting name for dinner that they can! 8. If your kids like jelly, you could prepare some special Halloween pots in clear glasses or cups by dropping in some disgusting wine gum sweets such as eyeballs or worms before cooling. Or how about making this absolutely DISGUSTING jelly with lychees for eyeballs?


9. Don’t forget sound effects! You can download MP3’s of spooky witches cackles, bubbling cauldrons and everything in between from Free Loops.


10. We’ll be drinking green ‘slimy’ smoothies made from blended kiwis, apples, celery, lime and banana through these classy paper straws.

Have you got got any more spooky ideas? We’d love to hear them!