10 Ways Your Baby Shows Love

There are times in every parent’s life, especially after weeks of sleepless nights, when we wonder whether any of the love and attention we pour into our children will ever be reciprocated.

As it turns out, some of our baby’s most challenging behaviour is actually them showing just how much they love us! Here are some sure signs that your baby adores you even more than they love sucking their own toes:

1.They just can’t stop with those gummy grins

From about 6-8 weeks old, your baby will start giving you big, gummy smiles when they see you. This shows that they associate you with feeling good. I’m afraid to say that before 6-8 weeks, smiles are probably just wind!

2. They act like loved-up drunkards

Babies can seem like love-crazed teenagers at times with all their intense eye-contact and coyness. When they gaze at you,your baby is really studying your face, watching your reactions and learning all sorts of clever things about emotional nuance and the recognition of loved ones.

3. Little words like gardygagoogeee mean so much

Your baby’s early gurgles and sounds are all about trying to communicate with you. They rarely coo on their own at first and usually just make these sounds when they know you can hear them.

4. They go crazier than One Direction fans when they see you

After a few weeks, your baby will show that they miss you when you leave the room by crying, but they will smile, wriggle and squeal like a loon when you return. You may not be Harry Styles, but your baby will give you a taste of total fan worship.

 5. They copy you all the time (even your terrible habits)

Over time your baby will mirror you, looking where you look and following where you focus with their own eyes. Babies want to share your attention and are interested  in what you are doing even if it’s just cleaning the floor. Why? Because they love you of course, and because you ARE really interesting.

6. They use you like a giant airbag

Babies and toddlers will often hide behind you when they meet new people or feel uncomfortable in a group. Hiding behind you is a sign that you make them feel safe and secure.

7. They try to eat your entire face

Older babies have a tendency to grab your face; they enjoy squeezing your cheeks and bringing your face towards their own. You may expect a kiss, but the baby version is more like a massive slurping lick. It’s love.

 8. They sniff you like a small hairless dog

Babies are brilliant at recognising your smell and they can identify your milk from someone else’s. They love snuffling you because you smell like heaven to them.

9. They reach their arms  out towards you

By around 6 months, your baby may reach out for you to pick them up or cuddle them. When they are ill, hurt or upset, you may be the only person that can comfort them because they associate you with feeling good.

 10. They are like little baby boomerangs

When your baby is learning to crawl, you will notice that they have a habit of crawling away from you, then coming straight back like they’re on an elastic band. Over time, they will venture further and further away, secure in the knowledge that you’re there for them.

Even 18 years later…..