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A few months ago I managed to put my son's iPod on a hot wash, and only discovered my mistake when I heard it rattling around in the tumble dryer. All his carefully selected tunes had been wiped clean, and there was no shuffling to be had. (This was apparently 'my' fault for not checking the pockets of his jeans before I put them in the machine. He empties them himself now, but I can't recommend accidental damage insurance enough).

I dread to think what would happen if the X-box suddenly exploded and his father brought the ancient 'TV Game' down from the loft. But recently BBC website The Magazine challenged a 13-year-old to swap his iPod for a Walkman for a week, with fascinating results.

Of course, it's not just kids who love their gadgets. When I was at school video recorders were the size of a garden shed and my first mobile rarely had any reception. Now I have a phone so small I can't find it half the time, and our Sky+ is part of the family. My friend Vicki works out regularly with the help of her Wii, my sister is addicted to The Sims and nearly all my mum friends are on facebook.

There's no doubt that when you're a mum technology can make your life easier… that is, until it breaks down. I've lost count of the hours I've spent on the 'phone to my internet service provider, fighting back angry tears because I've lost connection. (Although unplugging and then replugging every socket in the house does usually help).

What about you? Are you a technophobe, or a gadget queen? Join KidStart (or login) to take part in this week's LivingwithKids/KidStart poll – or post your comments below.

written by Liz Jarvis


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3 Responses to 21st century mum

  1. sally Brockway says:

    I love gadgets. My current favourite is my iphone 3G and trust me, I’d be gutted if it got laundered. I think you have to stay ahead as a mum – my nine-year-old son can already navigate his way around my computer far better than I can. If I don’t stay ahead of the game, he’ll be running rings around me in no time. As for X-boxes etc – I daren’t buy one as I know I’d be the one addicted to it!!

  2. sam says:

    I had to laugh about your ipod accident as it reminded me of the time when somehow I managed to get my camera – pre-digital!! – mixed up in the bedlinen. It too got washed. At the time I was devastated because it was a wedding present from my technophobe mum. The funny bit was when I dried it out with my hairdryer and tried to use it – it still worked! – and mum was none the wiser;] I’m no great techy, but I love my Wii Fit and recently my husband keeps borrowing the laptop – which means I have no internet access – I’m left wondering what planet I’m on!

  3. Sarah says:

    lets give them a week of hopstoch, recording the top 40 with a tape recorder, 3 channels and fixed phones WITH CORDS. The change in the last 20 years has been phenomenal! Kids today, and a lot of us adults, don’t know we’re born eh?!


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