5 of the Best Online Photo Services

The other day, I was asked to produce a baby photo of my youngest child, and I couldn’t. I realised that every moment I have recorded of my youngest daughter’s life, has been digital. And I haven’t been organised about it either.

I sat on the floor with the defunct hard drive that contains my daughter’s baby pictures. The connection needed to access the photos is not compatible with my latest computer. Digital technology changes so quickly that no sooner have we clicked the shutter on an image and the technology to support it is gone. So I’ve started to find ways of getting organised about our family photos, by going back to an old school concept and printing them off.

Here are some of my favourite online services for helping you get all analogue on your digital self.

23 snaps is kind of like a private Facebook allowing you to build up a collection of family photos and videos that you can share with a select few. You can instantly create beautiful printed books of photos on the site to send to relatives or keep for yourself. 

Photobox also allows you to create physical photo albums as well as other personalised items such as mugs and cards. They’ve also developed a Photobook iPad app to make it even easier to organise and create printable albums straight from your tablet.

Have you ever wondered what to do with all those gorgeous Instagram prints? Well we adore Prinstagram where you can order the cutest individual prints from your Instagram stream or make gorgeous analogue books of your images. Reasonable prices too.

Snapfish is another online photo service where you can create books and edit photos online to get everything just right before printing. 

Milk Books specialise in helping you to create high-quality, long-lasting photo albums that can be passed down though the generations, old school style! Stunning predesigned themes are available too, allowing you to create something really special. Moleskin, linen finishing on the cover tops it all off. Just Gorgeous.

These are some of my favourite digital to offline photo sites, have you found any that you like? How do you store your digital life?  Do you miss the old days of film, negative and packets of 3×5 photo snaps? We’d love to hear what you think.

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