A&E Or Mum Instinct?

When to go to A&E and when not to go that is the question? Yesterday afternoon my two year old decided to fall from a great height and basically hit the floor head first. Grabbing him I was horrified to see a lump the size of a goose egg instantly appear on his forehead. While my first instinct was panic, I calmed down, applied an ice compress, gave him lots of hugs and then called NHS Direct. My past experience with NHS Direct has sometimes been helpful and sometimes not. This time was a non helpful time as they asked me if he had a headache (I don’t know because he’s only just 2 years old)? If  he was feeling sick (I don’t know because he’s only just 2 years old) and whether he felt he needed to see a doctor (I DON’T KNOW HE’S ONLY 2 YEARS OLD)? My mum instinct actually told me he was  fine, as the lump was hard, he had no bruising behind his ears or around his eyes, and most importantly of all he wasn’t sick or sleepy or disorientated and seemed himself for the rest of the afternoon. Of course I then did completely the wrong thing and instead of trusting my gut I went online for more information and thanks to some parent forums I managed to frighten myself into thinking he was having a secret brain bleed. Thankfully I have a sane husband who suggested we took him to see a doctor friend nearby who basically felt the lump, and then told us to observe him for the next hour, rouse him gently every 20 minutes for three hours during sleep and take him to A&E if he suddenly got any symptoms we were worried about. My son is thankfully fine but my friend also told me never to be afraid to go to A&E as the doctors will always see kids and happily reassure parents whatever happens. But I’m interested to know – what do you do when your kids get hurt? Rush to A&E or go by your mum instinct – let me know?