Alcohol – Mother’s Little Helper?

Some mothers are turning to alcohol to deal with the pressure of being “supermums,” putting their children at risk of depression and anxiety, according to a new report. Alcohol misuse within families is an “escalating concern”, according to the charity Turning Point. In its new study, Bottling It Up: The Next Generation. The report warns that 2.6 million children in the UK are living with a parent who drinks at hazardous levels. Quoting figures that between 2010 and 2011, 12,248 people used Turning Point’s alcohol treatment services and nearly a third (1,925) were mothers. The report says “a key issue is that mothers often feel under pressure to be ‘perfect’ and used alcohol was a way of coping with the demands of motherhood. I’d think alongside this it’s likely money problems, and the general pressure of life makes many parents, not just mums reach for a drink to cope every day. Many of my friends have a big drink or two at night and wouldn’t even think they were relying on alcohol to get them through the day. Though one very honest mum friend admits drinking three large glasses a night helps keep her stress levels under control as she struggles to deal with two kids and a husband out of work. And another says she’s been known to stop off for a drink on her commute just to cope with what’s waiting for her at home. It’s easy to condemn what they’re doing rather than say the obvious that mums in particular are under huge pressure to sustain family budgets, work and juggle childcare right now. If anything I think this report highlights how the government needs to stop taking from mums and look at how to help us all keep all these balls in the air without breaking down. What do you think? Do you use alcohol as a stress reliever? Does your drinking have an impact on your kids? Let us know.   Picture