An Unfit Mother – How to get your Health Shape and Sanity Back After Childbirth

By Kate Cook with Lucy Wyndham-Read
List price: £9.99
Available from: Waterstones
Rating: 5/5
“Forget tiny little baby-grows & beautifully presented muslin squares, THIS is the gift I’ll be buying all my newly pregnant friends in future.  I wish I’d had it during pregnancy – if I had, I might not need quite so much of its help now! I should point out, it’s NOT a diet book.  Yes, there’s lots of healthy eating tips, and some great exercise routines to follow, but there’s a whole lot of other good stuff too – including regular reminders to be nice to yourself and words of wisdom such as “Just because some super models look like a broomstick with a pumpkin on top doesn’t mean that you have to as well.”  It’s also realistic – the exercises for example, are designed so you can do them whenever you have a spare 5 minutes – because how many new mums have time to fit in an hour at the gym everyday?! What I like best, is that it doesn’t read like a telling off. You don’t feel ‘naughty’ for being a little all over the place & podgy – it just feels like a good friend is sitting you down and saying ‘here’s how to fix it.’ As they say though, the proof is in the (fat free, low calorie) pudding. I have been following Kate & Lucy’s advice as best I can (I’m only human!) for about a month now, and I’m delighted to say, I’m back in my jeans! My fat day jeans, yes, but I like to think the skinnies aren’t too far away! I really can’t recommend this book enough.” Leslieanne Barclay