And a Prosperous New Year…

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 I was woken by a text from a slightly hystericxal Vix who was in the middle of committing to the biggest spend of her life – an annual season ticket for her reverse commute to her shiny new corporate job. “It’s THREE THOUSAND POUNDS ” she shouted, in a rare descent into capitals – the most she has spent on a single item ever. The only thing which was stopping her from jumping off London Bridge, rather than hopping from it onto a train, was the fact that she had managed to save herself hundreds of pounds by buying it before New Year’s Eve – when the prices go up by an average of 8%, and by buying it for a ticket one stop further on than she actually wants to go . Bizarrely it is £200 a year cheaper to go one more stop to the end of the line. I fullly expect to hear that she has been thrown off the train for unacceptable canniness by the end of day.
Meanwhile it’s time to make our new year financial resolutions – my first one is to deal with paper work – starting with my Christmas receipts which have been languishing in a shoe box since I began Christmas shopping. It’s time to lift the lid and tot up the cost of Christmas – wish me luck!


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