Animal health – Puppy nippy solution

Q: We've recently adopted a rescue puppy. Unfortunately, because he was taken from his mother so young, he keeps nipping. Can you tell me the best way to stop him doing this, as I've read a lot of conflicting information?

Alastair Greenway

Puppies taken from their mother early can often nip as they have not learned what constitutes acceptable behaviour. All puppies bite and mouth to explore their enviroment but at some point they must learn what
is too strong a bite. Teaching bite inhibition is simple but requires consistency from everyone.

When they bite, let out a loud "ouch" and stop playing with them immediately. If this fails move away from them, even leaving the room if necessary. Over time reduce the strength of bite that will ellicit this respnse from you.

You are wise to address this issue at an early age as this can often lead to more serious behaviour issues as they get older.

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