Anti Ageing Secrets: Feel Younger, Look Better

I didn’t feel old and crumpled when I woke up this morning but I do now. Firstly a mum discussion in the playground about Courtney Love had two mums saying they’d never heard of grunge (*they were both born in 1987). Then on the way home two people stopped me and asked if I wanted a free haircut. I am not a vain person but I do yearn to be somewhere between a yummy mummy and MILF and not remain in the slummy mummy category all my life, so my aim for this week is to anti age myself just a little. Mostly this means more effort on the beauty front, a bit of tidying up on the clothes front and a lot of effort on the health and fitness front. Step one is to wear something not black (partially and pathetically achieved with a scarf). Step two is to eat healthily and not live on caffeine and sugar all day (achieved so far but it is still early) and step three is to go for a 30 minute run (not yet achieved, but there’s time). My plan is a combination of clothes and health and fitness will make me feel, if not look 10 years younger. Along side this I let it be known I am open to anti-ageing ideas. So far via email/twitter this is the advice I have received:
  1. Colour counselling: This is where you pay someone to tell you what colour suits you. This is a somewhat redundant process for me as 90% of my wardrobe is black and a spending spree is not on the cards.
  2. Go blonde like Tulisa on the X Factor (no thank you!)
  3. Have botox (sorry hate the idea, can’t afford it and it doesn’t last)!
  4. Take up body-building (has this person not seen Jodie Marsh?)!
On hearing me whine so much about feeling old my five year old did attempt to make me feel better by saying “You don’t look old mummy.” I was about to kiss her when this was swiftly followed by, “In the olden days did you ride a horse and cart to school?” So what’s your feel-younger-look-better secret? Do let me know.