Are The Olympics Making You Cry?

Are the Olympics making you well up? For someone like me who’s not particularly into sport it’s surprised me how much I’ve cried every time someone from Team GB has won. On Super Saturday like many I cried so much that I managed to work my way through a whole box of Kleenex! In fact over the last week watching Jessica Ennis, Greg Rutherford, Bradley Wiggins, Ben Ainslie andof course Mo Farah and his lovely family I felt overwhelmed with pride for Team GB and for the winner’s families and their sheer guts of all the athletes to get where they wanted to be. All of them (like many of the Olympians) have had a tough path to the Olympics with injury, personal sacrifices (Mo Farah had to spend five weeks away from his daughter and heavily pregnant wife prior to the games) and heart break along the way. In my eyes it makes them such fantastic role models not just for us parents wanting to spur their kids on, but for kids who don’t usually have much interest in athletes beyond footballers. Just last night my neighbour’s 13 year old son who usually just plays computer games – spent ten minutes raving to me about Usain Bolt’s amazing 100m run. His mum said it was the first time he’d been engaged in something interesting for months and the first time he asked if he could take up a sport. That for me is the power of the Olympics. Being able to inspire kids to work harder, be better and do something worthwhile. But what do you think? Are you loving the Olympics or wishing they were over? Let me know.