Are You A Moaning Mum?

As frequent readers of this blog (and my family know), I love a good moan, usually around the whole area of motherhood, parental concerns and other parents. However, on Saturday an article The Guardian made me reassess my whingeing levels and think about how I’ve become addicted to the pleasures of mum-moaning. Mothers, Stop Moaning was, I felt from the refreshing and honest perspective of a woman who can’t be a mother because of her age. Someone who felt that yes motherhood can be hard but that on the whole mothers should stop moaning and be grateful for what they have. Reading it and the resulting comments from some very angry mums, reminded me that while a certain amount of moaning is a great way of venting feelings and coping with being a mother it can become a way of life. I recently had one of those really bad days. It started with a MAJOR toddler meltdown at 6am, was mixed with heaps of domestic and work tasks piling up and ended with an irate 5 year old who would not be soothed post school. At the time I found myself moaning loudly to anyone who’d listen – strangers, friends, and everyone on Facebook. The more sympathy I had the more I moaned. It ended with me fantasizing that I was off traveling the world alone, and not micro managing two irritable under 6’s. Then I had a light-bulb moment. I realized that just 10 years ago I was off traveling the world alone, during which time I spent many hours wishing I was married with kids back in the UK. It woke me up to the fact that I was to coin a corny phrase ‘sweating the small stuff’ and that although motherhood is sometimes hard, I should be more grateful, more often for my lot in life. So while I know the above piece has incurred the mighty wrath of many mums, I think they’re slightly missing the author’s point. What she’s saying it true – as mums we shouldn’t get stuck in a moaning rut (she didn’t say we should never complain). Instead we should be think about what we have when we’re having a tough moment because it’s a lot more than some other women have. Are you a moaning mum? What do you think about mums and moaning. Let me know.