Are You On A Power Maternity Leave?

So a new article  in Stylist on on the power maternity leave has caused a bit of a parent storm. It seems the piece on mums turning their hand to new business ventures has left some mums feeling angry that the article is suggesting maternity leave is just one long and easy holiday. Having written a book on the subject of mumpreneurs, I can see why some mums do choose to go into business for themselves post baby. The decision by many I interviewed was about bringing more money into the home, and also about creating a better work life balance so they wouldn’t have to go back to work and spend all their wages on childcare. However,  the implication in the article that those not going down the Alan Sugar route are somehow lazing about watching This Morning, and drinking lattes all day is ridiculous. My own experience of maternity leave was being exhausted all the time, struggling with a new baby, and battling to get through the day on my own. So I’m thinking that maybe this article does deserve the wrath it is getting. After all, suggesting that those who work during their maternity leave are power mums, compared to the rest is irritating. After all it’s not a competition. But what do you think? Are you a wannabe mumpreneur? Do you find it insulting that others assume maternity leave is a holiday? Let us know.