Are You A Second Hand Mum?

Are you a second hand style mum? I am. Not just to save cash but also because some items just seem pointless to buy new (Lego bricks, high chairs and wellies to name but a few). So it doesn’t surprise me that new research released today by parent charity NCT, shows that a huge amount of parents are also turning to second hand goods.

Findings show that one in two parents have bought second hand baby or toddler items in the last six months with the majority more likely to buy things such as toys, prams and high chairs second-hand rather than new. The survey also revealed that 67% of us shop second-hand to save money. Of course there are some things that need to be bought new like mattresses for beds, bottles and car seats, which is why alongside being a second hand mum, I am also an addicted shopping club/voucher girl kind of woman, using KidStart and any coupon I can get to save money and cut costs.

One thing I haven’t done yet, but should do is get on the selling side of parenthood. It seems these days parents are also more likely to sell their old baby goods on Ebay and at Nearly New Sales rather than pass them on to friends and family, with over 68% of parents saying they do this. 

To meet this growing demand the NCT is planning to increase the number of its volunteer-led Nearly New Sales across the UK.  Last year NCT’s local branches organised over 600 Nearly New Sales, helping more than 100,000 parents to buy and sell items and this year the charity is aiming for more to help more parents to keep their family costs down. 

Parents looking to buy or sell their baby items can find their nearest NCT Nearly New Sale by visiting: NCT.