Are You Christmas Shopping Yet?

Have you started shopping for Christmas yet? Am I the only one not even thinking about it? Having spent yesterday in London’s west end at least two big stores have Christmas stuff on display. Plus the playground at nursery and school is awash with mums saying they are on present buying sprees, warning me I am leaving it all a bit late. Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m only just on Halloween and that’s four weeks away so I refuse to get down about Christmas too. Aside from the fact I am not convinced I’ll save money by shopping early, I actually quite like doing Christmas shopping when it’s Christmassy outside. Friends, however, tell me they shop little by little to avoid one big cash blow out at Christmas. Having tried that once I forgot where I’d put the presents and ended up buying them all over again. So here are 5 other reasons why shopping early for Christmas for me isn’t for me:
  1. I have nowhere safe to hide/store presents from prying little fingers.
  2. The pre Christmas sales seem to happen earlier and earlier every year so by my calculations November will be a good time to start.
  3. Last year three major retailers had 25% off toys or 2-for-1 offers on toys about two weeks before Christmas which made me furious as I’d already bought my gifts.
  4. I prefer online shopping and those deals really do come weekly and daily nearer to Christmas.
  5. I like the lead up to Christmas so I shopping too early takes all the enjoyment out of it.
Having said all that I am not a last minute kind of girl any more. I learnt my lesson last year when I couldn’t find Christmas wrapping paper for love or money two weeks before Christmas. So this year I will attempt to start all Christmas things in the last week of November until then I’m on the hunt for Halloween gear. But how about you? When do you start shopping for Christmas – let me know.