Are You In A Dieting Frame Of Mind?

I don’t know about you but I am in awe of all these celebrities who have lost loads of weight. Not the irritating skinny ones who have gone from size 10 to size zero, but the real ones who have gone from fat to slim. Nigella, Pauline Quirke, Dawn French and my all time favourite Ruth Jones. I’m not sure how most have done it, but personally I love Ruth Jones’s common sense approach  – counting calories. In an interview with this month’s Woman and Home magazine, she says she was spurred into action at 17 ½ stone by the simple fact she couldn’t move around. So far Ruth has  lost four and half stone in two years through reducing her portions and eating heathily. And as she so wisely says, “The key thing to getting here was acceptance and patience – to accept it was not going to happen overnight.” Having dieted on and off all my life I love her honesty where she admits that there was literally a moment where she thought, “Oh my god, I’ve got to eat less food.” It’s so nice to hear someone tell it as it is for a change. None of this, “Oh the weight just fell off” nonsense but the real hard fact that losing weight takes time, and is about watching what, and how much you eat. Post baby number one, I lost my excess baby weight (20lbs) through Weight Watchers. Hesitant about joining a slimming club and being weighed in front of others, it took me 10 months of moaning to get there. As ever it was the getting there that was the hardest part, as the Weight Watchers diet was easy to follow and simple to make. Of course I moaned about not being able to eat family sized packets of Buttons and having to eat properly but having said that in just three months I was 20 lbs lighter. That’s 12 weeks compared to the previous 40 weeks I spent hating how my body felt. So if that’s where you are right now (and by the way it’s me again post baby number 2) my tip is to stop thinking and just do it. You don’t have to join a slimming club in person (or at all) but studies do show you’re more likely to succeed if you have support around you. As for me I’m giving it a go online. A friend has recently lost three stone this way and has been raving about how easy it is to access food tips, and diet advice whether you’re at home, work or on the go. It sounds ideal for my hectic time starved life so I’ll let you know how I get on. But how about you? Are you in a dieting frame of mind, or have recently lost weight? If so, do let me know your tips and advice.