Are You Trick Or Treating Today?

Will you be dressing your kids up and going trick or treating today? If so you’re not alone.  The Trick or Treat Index, compiled by Zoopla, has ranked towns and cities across the country to find out the best place to Trick or Treat. Cambridge has topped the list of places on the list with the best combination of a high density of wealthy homeowners with a low traffic and low crime. Coming in a close second as a trick or treating paradise was Norwich, while London came in third place with the boroughs of Barnet, Bromley and Wandsworth being good candy hotspots. I’m not sure if the above will prove to be true, but I’ve always found a bit of pre warning on the trick or treat front makes for a more successful haul. I tend to have a quick chat amongst friends about who’s up for it and who isn’t, and then agree timings to make sure people are home (and we’re home) when they call. I never arrive unannounced purely because I think it’s embarrassing for those not doing Halloween and also because it’s disappoints the kids if no one’s home. Personally I also never go to neighbours or strangers houses partly out of respect for my neighbours but also because I feel uncomfortable knocking on strangers doors even for Halloween. Having said all that I am amazed at the amount of small kids I don’t know who come to my door late on Halloween. Last year three kids aged between 6 years and 10 years knocked at 10 pm. Asking who they came with they said their dad was sitting around the corner in his car. Hardly a safe way to do Trick or Treating. Anyhow I’m interested to know how everyone else does it. Will you be going trick or treating or do you find the whole event annoying? Let me know.