Baby Name Trends For 2013

Baby name trends are changing faster than ever with experts saying names for 2013 are likely to be affected by the birth of the royal baby and numerous celebrity offspring. If you’re due this year, it’s worth knowing Roman Gods rule, as do nature inspired names like North, Frost and Rain and quirky (read nutty) names like Bear and Star. Yet, the hottest trend is for names is inspired by a place. Numerous US celebrities have chosen Camden (which makes us wonder if they’ve ever been there), and countries like Ireland, India and Asia are also storming up the charts. Nordic names also dominate with Freya coming back into the girl charts and Kai and Axel proving to be popular amongst boys. Of course, what’s most likely to affect the name charts in the UK is the birth of William and Kate’s baby in July. Whether it’s a boy or a girl it’s likely to be bestowed with a classic name. Hot tips are on the name Alexandra though Kate has said, “We have a shortlist for both (boy and girl), but it’s very difficult. My friends keep texting me names!”.  If you’re wondering how baby names are generally picked an interesting piece on Live Science says while some names are chosen for meaning,”Baby name choices aren’t made in a vacuum. Without intending to, parents gravitate toward trendy sounds. In recent years, the most popular girl names have been melodic and vowel-filled, such as Sophia, Isabella, Olivia and Ava.  And the popular choice for boys has been the -en ending: Both Jayden and Aiden have risen high in the name charts.” Whatever you choose beware,  nothing sinks a name faster (or gains it more criticism) than popularity. So when choosing your baby’s name your best bet is to keep it quiet until the very end.