Baby-proofing your home – what are your top tips?

One of my friends is the mum to an adorable little girl who is just at that stage where she’s starting to crawl and explore. They’ve got a stair gate ready to install but she was asking me what other things I’d recommend they invest in.   Well, where to start? It’s definitely worth having a look round your home and considering things from a child’s point of view. ‘Curious children left unattended, even for a moment, will wonder into rooms that hold potential dangers,’ says Clare from Childalert. ‘Unncessary bumps, tumbles, burns and fractures and more serious injuries can be avoided with a little understanding and common sense of how to avoid them.’ Couldn’t agree more. So here’s my list of essentials for baby-proofing your home – please share yours, too: 1. Cooker guard. I still go cold when I think of a woman I interviewed once whose child pulled a pan of boiling water over herself. Such a simple device but incredibly useful. An oven lock is also a good idea. 2. Cupboard latches. It goes without saying that all household products, tablets and medicine etc should be out of reach, but these will give you total peace of mind. 3. Radiator covers. Inquisitive little hands (and arms) can all too easily become trapped, so these are brilliant. 4.  Loo seat catch. We lost count of the items – plastic dinosaurs, lego, socks – that were thrown in and fished out before we bought one of these. 5. Window locks. To avoid incidents like this. You can find lots of essential safety products on the fab site Childalert. For more great tips on child-proofing your home, click here. written by Liz Jarvis