KidStart & Beanstalk’s Back to School Challenge 2023

Competition closed. WIN up to £200 with KidStart and Beanstalk. It’s our Back to School Challenge 2023.

Gone are the days of last minute shoe shopping and frantically scouring the stores for the right sizes. We’re making Back to School shopping FUN…for parents! Prepare the kids for the new term, earn £ back for your kids when you shop with KidStart AND be in with the chance of winning up to £200 for your kid’s savings. 

We invite you to complete at least four tasks from our list below. Each verified Back to School task will earn you one stamp for your B2S Challenge. AND you can earn a bonus entry for each stamp you collect over four!  

How it works: 

 1 To enter you must use the email address that you’re registered with on KidStart. 

 2 Complete a selection of tasks from the list below. Each task = one stamp. 

 3 Collect four stamps and we will automatically enter you into a prize draw to win one of three fabulous prizes:

 ✔ 1st Prize: £200

 ✔ 2nd and 3rd Prize: £100

 4 Earn a bonus entry for each stamp you earn over four!

 5 Once you’ve completed four or more tasks please email the evidence of the completed tasks to [email protected] Note: You must use the email address that you’re registered with on KidStart. 

Select at least four challenges from the following list and submit entries between now and 6th September – we’ve provided details of what you need to submit next to each challenge. 

The Back to School Tasks:

 1 Shop from the Back to School category – Email us a screenshot of the KidStart (or Beanstalk) purchase confirmation email you receive from us or let us know which retailer you shopped with. 

 2 Refer a friend to KidStart – For this task to be completed successfully your friend will need to have joined KidStart via your referral link. Let us know their name or email address and we can verify. 

 3 Invite a friend or family member to KidStart – Share their  email address so we can verify. 

 4 Leave a KidStart review on Trustpilot / one of the app stores – Send over screenshot of your review.

 5 Leave a Beanstalk review on Trustpilot / one of the app stores – Send over screenshot of your review.

 6 Open a Beanstalk JISA account. If already opened, you will automatically qualify for a stamp! – Send us a screenshot of your account on Beanstalk or just let us know via email that your child has one and we can verify. 

 7 Download the Savings Prompt Extension on Chrome, Firefox or Edge – Send a screenshot of the Savings Prompt.

 8 Leave a review of the Savings Prompt Extension – Send a screenshot of your review.

The KidStart and Beanstalk Back to School Challenge is a great way to boost your child’s Savings and get Back to School ready the KidStart way, saving on all the shopping you’d be doing anyway. Shop our Back to School Category here and visit our Back to School hub here

Back to School Challenge T&Cs:

 ✔ Challenge ends midnight 6th September 2023. Evidence of your completed tasks need to be emailed to [email protected] before the end date.

 ✔ Evidence / notification of the completion of tasks needs to be emailed from the email address you’re registered with on KidStart to help us verify a number of the challenges.

 ✔ Please email all the completed tasks over in one go.

 ✔ For the referral and invite challenges, we will check that the friends and family that have been referred or invited are genuine, new users.

 ✔ The three winners will be contacted w/c 11th September and prize will be paid in KidStart Savings

 ✔ General KidStart competition T&Cs can be viewed here.