Bank Holiday Joy

What is it with the weather and bank holidays in this country? We have friends over from the US to celebrate the Jubilee and yesterday they suggested we ‘wait for the rain to stop’ before going out. I had to explain that we may well be here till September if we waited. Still I’m learning a lot from our kids, one of whom said, ‘So what if it’s raining?’ and she’s right. We still ventured out to a local farm where the kids (well wrapped I might add) played for 3 hours in the wind and rain. In the end the adults joined in too partly to stop feeling cold and it turned out to be a really good day. Even The Queen did a good job of looking happy on the Thames yesterday, though I am sure that she was freezing and dying for a sit down and a cup of tea. So if you’re currently feeling that your bank holiday plans have been scuppered by the weather, I’d suggest still going ahead. This afternoon we’re having a BBQ (I have offered to stand under the umbrella cooking sausages) complete with soggy bunting, and tomorrow we’re going to a Jubilee street party which I am sure will be suitably wind swept and utterly freezing. So what are your plans for the bank holiday? Anyone else venturing out? Let us know.