Beans again, Mum? What’s in your recipe repertoire?

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We're having casserole tonight – in the winter we have it at least once a week, and according to a new survey, that makes me pretty average, because the average British mum uses nine recipes which she rotates to feed her family.

During the summer we tend to barbecue alot (if it's sunny!) but in the winter we have the following at least once a fortnight: chicken risotto, sausage and mash, salmon/tuna pasta, cottage pie, pizza, stir-fry, and on a sunday, usually a roast.

I don't feel guilty, though, because the thing is when you're feeding kids that you quickly learn what they will and won't eat. It's great to experiment and do the whole Annabel Karmel thing but if you end up with lots of leftovers on a regular basis you start to feel wasteful (and if you pick at them, fat.)

So, which recipes do you like cooking for your family? I'd love to know.

written by Liz Jarvis


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7 Responses to Beans again, Mum? What’s in your recipe repertoire?

  1. Potty Mummy says:

    I never cease to be amazed that my son, a famously picky eater, loves fish. So our weekly repetoire includes grilled salmon / cod / haddock / trout with couscous and veg, grilled mackerel fillets with brown rice (I know, I’m blessed), spaghetti carbonara (essentially scrambled eggs with ham and spaghetti), pasta with 1/2 fat creme fraiche, broccoli and smoked trout or salmon pieces (sounds a lot more expensive than it is), sausages (of course), shepherds pie (eaten under sufferance because of the mushrooms which I insist on leaving in) and of course the less healthy options like fish fingers, pizza sausages etc etc… Quite how the fish thing happened though I’m not sure!

  2. Clare Macnaughton says:

    I try and cook from scratch as often as possible. My son was fussy about eating so I just lied to him and told him everything was chicken and broccoli, which he loved. Now he east most things and is fairly good. I have just started introducing mild curries as we like a bit of spice but I refuse to cook more than one dish and he won’t eat Thai Green Curry just yet. All of the above inc quorn lasagne/bolog, quorn pieces in soya sauce, broccoli and noodles is a 10 minute dish packed with goodness, pasta pesto – easy and popular. Quorn/Mince bolognaise packed with heavily chopped vegetables, red pepper pesto, oxo cube

  3. TheMadHouse says:

    We tend to roate a few safe receipes currently – Roast chicken, chicken curry, sweet and sour chicken, mince and dumplings, bolegnease, lasagne, saus casarole, beef stew, spicy mince, hotdogs and noodles, fish and oven chips with peas (friday night), home made pizza, jackets with cheese and beans, omlettes, muffins with smoked haddock and poached eggs. The thing is I cook for all of us, so we have to take care to indtroduce new meals and tastes when we have leftovers if the boys dont like them!!

  4. Karin @ Cafe Bebe says:

    I agree with you here Liz. We have a bit of a routine rota as well. Lasagne and pasta dishes are the staple. Little Miss is not a big meat and potatoes fan but LOVES her breakfasts and fruit and yogurt. I’ve done the Annabel Karmel thing a lot and usually am disappointed as Little Miss says no before it even goes in her mouth. Our family standards (not always for Little Miss) are: lasagne, macaroni cheese, Pasta Carbonara, Quiche & Jacket potatoes, Beans on Toast (Sun. night usually), Chilli and a take-away every so often. I buy Tesco ready made pizza and garlic bread but most of what we eat is "homemade". I lose my cooking mojo regularly! 😉 Karin

  5. Vic @ says:

    Rotating those same meals sounds very like us. I was going to chuck chilli in the slow cooker for tonight until I checked the school dinners menu to find they’d beaten me to it. Now what on earth will I cook. Luckily some of the boy’s faves can be loaded with veg (he’ll eat spinach in huge amounts, but only in curry) and I seem to be getting quite good at this cooking lark.

  6. Catherine says:

    Since becoming a mum I’ve developed an unhealthy obsession for making things from scratch and buying recipe books! We have a favourites list which includes chilli with cheese and sour cream in wraps, roast chicken, salmon and chilli jam pasta, gnocchi with chicken and pesto, mushroom risotto, kegeree, sausage and cauliflower cheese, lasagne, beef stew, chicken or prawn stir fry, prawn curry, tuna pasta bake, shepherds pie, fish pie…. The bear (16 months) eats mostly the same as us, and likes spicy food which is a blessing. I think aslong as you have lots of fresh and lots of variety then you can’t go wrong. I like the AK book and the Yummy Baby cookbook, but if I don’t have the ingredients I adapt them to what I do have! I did an interview on radio Oxford after the reports that mums who work are more likely to have obese children, which I think is wrong – if you have less time you just have to work that bit smarter to put a healthy meal on the table and make sure you’re children get plenty of fresh air and exercise! x

  7. Bev says:

    Oh this is the one thing i hate, what can we have for tea tonight that keeps everyone happy. Love the slow cooker but other than casserole of one form or another not sure what to put in it, it’s great when you are busy but husband has taken to saying "not that pot again". Think i need some new recipes!


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