Beans again, Mum? What’s in your recipe repertoire?

We're having casserole tonight – in the winter we have it at least once a week, and according to a new survey, that makes me pretty average, because the average British mum uses nine recipes which she rotates to feed her family.

During the summer we tend to barbecue alot (if it's sunny!) but in the winter we have the following at least once a fortnight: chicken risotto, sausage and mash, salmon/tuna pasta, cottage pie, pizza, stir-fry, and on a sunday, usually a roast.

I don't feel guilty, though, because the thing is when you're feeding kids that you quickly learn what they will and won't eat. It's great to experiment and do the whole Annabel Karmel thing but if you end up with lots of leftovers on a regular basis you start to feel wasteful (and if you pick at them, fat.)

So, which recipes do you like cooking for your family? I'd love to know.

written by Liz Jarvis