Beating The Recession Blues

I don’t know about you but all the endless headlines about a euro crisis, rising unemployment and recession have been making me feel blue and I’m even not someone who likes to put my head in the sand. Aside from the doom and gloom aspect of it all which tends to bookend my day (as that’s when I tend to watch the news), there never seems to be any talk of how families can cope, or survive or even dare I say it, hope for an improvement. So it’s no wonder that new figures show that debt-triggered depression is on the rise amongst women. Experts say living with chronic anxiety about rising food and energy prices, and finances – destroys a person’s sense of well-being and sense of stability leaving the door open for depression.

  If you’re feeling down and the above sounds all too familiar, aside from getting help, my advice on getting happy would be to refuse to be sucked into the daily well of despair politicians and some newspapers like to peddle.     For instance, do I really need to hear David Cameron tell us we’re economically in a “moment of danger” or a newspaper tell me that ‘Stress is the Black Death of the 21st Century? No I do not! Instead I’d like our PM and papers to stop the hyperbole and tell us that there is something better at the end of this that makes all the cuts and price rises worthwhile. As for fighting back and feeling happy on a personal front I’ve decided to switch off the news (children’s TV is so much more upbeat), not read papers that sensationalize the recession, feel grateful for what I do have and generally only talk to people who have something positive to say. So far it’s working for me. How about you? How are you beating the recession blues? Let me know.