Beautifully Handcrafted Furniture & Home Accessories from Lombok

The weather is slowly changing, it gets dark earlier and so we tend to spend more time at home relaxing and having some quality time with the family. Spending more time at home means your furniture gets even more love and so it’s important to choose durable furniture right from the start. Investing in good quality items does not only mean you get to enjoy them for longer but they stand the test of time looking as beautiful as they did on the day you bought them. We are currently loving Lombok because they offer a fabulous selection of furniture and home accessories that fit together with any style. What makes Lombok stand out is the craftmanship and individuality behind each piece. Apart from being an ethical producer of fine furniture and accessories, they work closely with manufacturers in the Far East to ensure the wood used in their products is legally and responsibly sourced. IMG_1123 One of the things families seem to struggle with the most is storage! No one likes dull plastic boxes from IKEA… If you are looking for a slightly more original and classic piece of furniture to use as bookcase (or to display any other thing for that matter) you might want to check the Canton Ladder Bookcase at You will also find this piece comes in a selection of finishes to suit all tastes…   IMG_1122 This style of ladder/bookcase is extremely popular at the moment, so why not give your home an update with a unique piece from Lombok?

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