The best pushchair to tackle city adventures from Bugaboo

Whether you are taking a family day trip in the city or travelling abroad for more ambitious adventures, when it comes to bringing along your tiny human, having the right pushchair is crucial. You will need a pushchair that is compact enough to store, functional enough to fold and unfold easily, and comfortable enough to offer your co-pilot a smooth ride. That is why we love the newly launched pushchair from the Dutch parental brand Bugaboo, the Butterfly, and it includes everything you hope for from an ultra-compact stroller.

One second fold

Imagine you’d like to stop by a chic café on a busy street for an iced latte and rest, you would want your pushchair to fold away with minimum effort. The Bugaboo Butterfly is designed for situations just like that. All it takes is a single hand and, in one second, the pushchair will be folded into a tiny package, and thanks to its self-standing design, you can flexibly store it or let it stand next to you.

A large and adjustable seat for first class comfort

When we choose the second pushchair for our child, we want it all. We want it to be compact enough to easily manoeuvre and carry around, and we want it to provide the roomiest and comfortable seat for our precious little co-pilot. The Bugaboo Butterfly offers a large space with the highest backrest at 63cm, extra soft padded cushioning, and the one hand reclinable seat with leg rest to create the perfect angle and cosiness for naptime.

Storage galore

After becoming parents, you always get surprised with the amount of necessities you need to carry on the go. The Butterfly provides a spacious underseat basket (8 kg), and it allows you to store changing bags, toys and books, and even your groceries. The best part is that you can easily access to the basket from both sides, meaning dealing with baby “emergencies” is within easy reach.

Last lasting design

The innovative Bugaboo brand is famous for its high quality pushchairs that are built to last. The Butterfly will not disappoint you with the streamlined, aerodynamic design that is full of elegant curves and precise lines, a seamless integration of form and function. The best part of it is that the seat inlay can be easily unattached! A quick machine wash and your pushchair will look bright and new again!

Available to order now. Buy through KidStart to get 2% back for kids.