Big Brother 11 – who are your final five?

Well much to my family’s relief, it’s nearly at an end. And what a series it’s been – classic, in fact. This week in particular, what with Wig-gate, the flood and the John James/Josie row, has been spectacular. But tomorrow night four of the Big Brother housemates will be evicted. And the question is, who do you want to go? I know I want to see Sam Pepper and John James in the final with Josie. I would have said Steve to win, but I don’t think it would be fair on the bloke to make him stay another two weeks with the previous winners (and possibly John McCririck, OMG). John James Sam Andrew is like wallpaper, Mario is too desperate to win. So for me it would have to be Corin to stay in the final five, along with Dave. And really, I’d like to see Sam Pepper in the celeb house. What about you? Who would you like to see in the final four – and do you think Josie should be a shoe-in to win? Josie written by Liz Jarvis