Big Brother 11 – who are your final five?

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Well much to my family’s relief, it’s nearly at an end. And what a series it’s been – classic, in fact. This week in particular, what with Wig-gate, the flood and the John James/Josie row, has been spectacular.

But tomorrow night four of the Big Brother housemates will be evicted. And the question is, who do you want to go?

I know I want to see Sam Pepper and John James in the final with Josie. I would have said Steve to win, but I don’t think it would be fair on the bloke to make him stay another two weeks with the previous winners (and possibly John McCririck, OMG).

John James

Andrew is like wallpaper, Mario is too desperate to win. So for me it would have to be Corin to stay in the final five, along with Dave. And really, I’d like to see Sam Pepper in the celeb house.

What about you? Who would you like to see in the final four – and do you think Josie should be a shoe-in to win?

written by Liz Jarvis


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6 Responses to Big Brother 11 – who are your final five?

  1. Nickie@Typecast says:

    I would like to see either Corin or Josie win. I’ve gone off Josie a bit recently with all the simpering about JohnJames but she’s still one of my favourites. I’ve also warmed a bit to Dave until he starts with his "We need a chat before Friday" lectures to Andrew or becomes "drunk with enlightenment". I think Sam Pepper was a genius addition to the house at exactly the right time because he’s caused ripples in there – any earlier and he would have been nominated for eviction so many times. So my final four has to be: Corin Josie Dave Sam Pepper Steve will be ok – he’ll be snapped up to be the "face" of a war charity somewhere and Mario will skip off into the sunset with Ben. JJ will end up doing work as a Will Young look-a-like and Andrew will possibly be taken under Jon Tickle’s wing and be a geek presenter for something. And as for JohnJames not wanting to win… do me a favour LOL! If I’ve missed anyone then they are easily forgettable and will be so outside of the house too.

  2. Scott says:

    Final 5 for me has to be (and in the following order): Corin Josie Andrew JJ Dave John James is a prat! and while Sam is somewhat bearable when he’s attempting to be serious you can’t justify his insults towards Josie. Steve hasn’t really contributed enough to justify final 5 place while even though I started off as a fan of Mario, he blew it with the save and replace task and the subsequent sulking a moaning. Its been a cracking series tho!

  3. VeryBored in Catalunya says:

    I have loved this series although I’ve got a few nights to catch up with on the Sky+ planner. My final 5 are: John James Sam Pepper Josie Corin Dave Corin to win.

  4. grettel says:

    corin Josie Sam Pepper Andrew Mario

  5. Kate says:

    Have to say this series has been great. I really wanted Ben to win i thought he was brilliant 🙂 The addition of Sam Pepper was genius but i can’t stand him (he has done his job of mixing things up so its now time for him to go). Steve is boring and Mario is a big baby (really i thought my 2 year old had silly tantrums but he puts her to shame). Andrew is a slimeball So by default my final 5 would be: Josie John James Corin Dave JJ (just to look at) wendy 19/08/2010 14:19:05 Flag as inappropriate I Want Jocie Or John James 2 Win 🙂

  6. Liz (LivingwithKids) says:

    actually after watching it last night I think I might have gone off John James.


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