Britax First Class Car Seat – product review

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"When it comes to choosing a child’s car seat the driving force behind every mum’s decision is safety. And, boy, does this seat look like it would keep your little one safe. With side impact protection and Click & Safe on the 5-point safety harness – so you can hear when it’s been tightened enough – this kiddy seat looks like something from NASA rather than Britax. 

This seat is sturdy and looks like it’s built to last. It can be used rear-facing for a newborn (birth – 13kg) and forward-facing for bigger babies, toddlers and kids aged up to four. That means one size really does fit all – and is kind on the bank balance too. And it can be an infant carrier too, so is practical and economical. It’s not going to win any awards for looks though. Black, and bulky (it weighs 7.5kg but at least I can work off my bingo wings while carrying baby Anais) it’s all about comfort, not style. It’s also tricky to install.     

I became frustrated after ten minutes and had to ask my husband to help me fit it, which he did after reading the instructions several times. They’re not the simplest to follow but, to be fair, our last car seat was easy enough for a baby to fit and we had a demonstration from the shop we bought it from. But our baby was soon sitting comfortably and loved it. There are five recline positions including an extended one that means Anais can lay back when she falls asleep.

It didn’t take long before she was dozing in the back. While she slept, I could relax safe in the knowledge she had the maximum protection around her. This seat comes with performance chest pads and a unique pitch control system, which reduces forward movement in an accident. Everything had been thought of – and I’d swap safety and substance over style any day. This is the perfect seat if you do a lot of driving. Brilliant for safety, tricky to fit."

Karen Pasquali Jones, 42, London    

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