British People and Snow!

I don’t know what it is about the snow but I think it makes everyone so lovely and helpful. Take trying to go anywhere in this weather. Following a 6 year old who likes to slips and slide her way down the road, and pushing a two year old in a buggy or sledge is not my idea of fun. Yet, yesterday and today complete strangers helped me (1) carry the buggy down the none gritted paths and (2) negotiate the biggest slush puddle I have ever seen. The first bunch to help me were three 14 year old secondary school boys. The type of boys who always get a very bad press. Not only did they offer their services without asking but they also were so polite while they heaved the buggy across the road. The other stranger was a man in a car who rather than drive through the slush puddle and splash us, actually stopped his car and got out and helped carry my kids across the road. I don’t know if this is unique to this country, or because I often have kids with me but I’ve always found that whenever I am in some kind of dire situation (breakdown, no cash at the till, flat tyre), people always stop to offer help. Other friendss tell me the same thing – saying in this weather they’ve been amazed at the kindness of strangers. One friend got stuck at a station on Sunday when all the trains were cancelled. She said she had no phone signal and no cash, but thankfully a fellow female passenger called her husband and then offered her and another woman a lift that was 5 miles out of their way. It’s something that you never see in the papers (not sensational enough I guess) but something that I think happens a lot. So I’m interested to know what your experiences have been like in the snow. Have people been equally helpful and nice? Let me know.