Can Sarah’s Law really protect our kids?

The headmaster at my primary school was well respected by the parents and feared by the kids. In fact, many of them hated him. He had a cane in his office and many were afraid to go in there.

Then one day he left the school very suddenly and went to live abroad with his family.

A few years later we heard that he had shot himself after being questioned in relation to child abuse charges. It transpired he was a paedophile who had molested dozens of little boys. None of the parents, or governors, or teachers had a clue, and of course he didn't have a criminal record.

Today it’s been announced that Sarah’s Law is to be introduced in the county where Sarah was murdered. It allows parents to ask whether a known paedophile is having any contact with their child. But the problem is that of course many paedophiles are not known to the police, until it’s too late.

I wholeheartedly support any measures taken to protect children. But I worry that Sarah’s Law may give a false sense of security.

I’d love to hear your views.

written by Liz Jarvis