Cankles – The New Body Part To Stress About

I don’t know about you but I get a bit tired of hearing about the latest body part I should be worried about.

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Last year it was saggy knees, the poster girls of which were supposedly Victoria Beckham and Nicole Kidman. And this year it’s cankles, or rather fat ankles caused by the ‘merging of calf and ankle. This time the Daily Mail says Cheryl Cole is supposed to have them.

Having seen Cheryl in the flesh, I can tell you in no way does she have spare fat to hang anywhere never mind merge around her ankles.

So what do these three women have in common, mmm… let’s see they are all beautiful, and famous. So could it be the media creating these fixations so we can all feel better about ourselves?

If so, it doesn’t work. Creating more body parts to stress about such as the above, and muffin tops, and bingo wings doesn’t make us clap with glee whether they’re modelled by famous women or not. It just makes us even more down on our own bodies.

Now a ridiculous new Modelling App, which evaluates a person's modelling potential, is giving younger girls (I watched a group of 8 year olds try it) one more reason to feel bad.

The app, which costs £1.19 and is backed by well known model agency asks the user to upload a facial shot and enter statistics such as their height, dress size, bra size. The app then ranks and scores you and either says – you don’t match their standards or suggests what type of work you’d be suited to.

It would be amusing if it wasn’t such a lame idea, designed purely to make girls even more competitive and dissatisfied with their body (after all agencies know less than 1% of girls fit the criteria for modeling).

Having said that rumour has it that when Angelina Jolie’s details and face scan were entered, she only came up as having "average" potential as did Kate Moss, so it’s clearly rubbish too.

Mind you knowing all these things are nonsense doesn’t stop any of us from believing them does it? So perhaps it’s time we just stopped listening.

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